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Meet Kristen


Hello Friends!

I am happy to have your here.


I am a photographer and a designer of products for your photography.

Shima Studios is a dual business. The first half is photography. I have studied photography for 20 years and still learning and always inspired. My vision is to allow life to happen and catch the details of simplicity as it unfolds. It is a loose and organic art form to me. I work with natural light and have an easy going approach during my sessions. Based in Airdrie and serving Calgary, Alberta, the foothills, mountains, lakes and open fields are my playground.

The second half of the business is WALL DESIGN. Taking my roots of craftsmanship and farm life, I am exploring many ideas as an artist making wall designs, wall galleries and collections with reclaimed woods and natural materials. From wood signs to frames, these concepts are handmade, original and part of me wholeheartedly.

With these two sides of my business, I give you my authentic self. Where I am standing today, has taken me years of self discovery. What I see and create are embedded in my personal style. What I create… I give back to the world to inspire, to value and to love.


  • Being a Taurus, I have many earthy qualities.
  • Never heard of Sushi until I met my husband (he is half-Japanese).
  • Which brings me to this point… my family has been Alberta farmers for five generations (hence meat and potatoes only).
  • And to this point… a 4-H Steer Champion, Public Speaking Champion and Award-Winning Fisherman.
  • Myers Briggs profile is INFJ.
  • Started my business in 2004.
  • Love tea and yoga.
  • A bohemian, country, gypsy girl to the soul.
  • Married for 15 years.
  • Three children ages 13, 10 and 2 (wanted to get my third and finally won!).
  • Wildflowers are my favorite.


Thank you for taking the time to enjoy my story.

I hope to connect as it would give me deep joy to artistically document time in your life and add meaning in your home. It is my purpose on this planet that I take passionately and wholeheartedly. Life is a precious journey and I hope to meet you along the way.