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Wall Art & Design


You have gorgeous photographs.

You have made an investment in them.

Now… take the next step to compliment them.


Looking for something DIFFERENT to STYLE your photography?

As a photographer and designer, I have a passion for bringing photography to life on your walls. Clients and customers love having me transform their favorite images into original wall art pieces or a unique wall collection that makes a statement of style in their home. For me, displaying photography is more than putting images in frames. It is conceptual and innovative.

With a contemporary or rustic style, I handcraft wall designs and products that have been created through the use of natural, raw, painted and rustic materials. Some of the materials used have been collected from generations of farm properties. With a legacy of craftsmanship and farming in my family, creating through the use of these materials is important to me. My experience working with many photographic products and labs, also makes me understand how products merge together. These wall designs paired with photography ties natural elements into the imagery to create a beautiful designed layout on your wall and in your home.


Your home is a reflection of who you are.

It is your sanctuary of style and comfort.

The heart of your home is your family.









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